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How to use IPS Community Suite

Getting Started

Welcome to the IPS Community Suite! This guide covers what you need to have a basic installation ready to use.

Converting From Other Platforms

If you're moving to the IPS Community Suite from another community platform, our free converters can bring over almost all of your data.

Content Discovery

From the powerful Activity Stream to search, following content, and member notifications there are so many ways for your members to constantly find new content to enjoy.

File Management

There are multiple ways to store and manage member and system generated files in the Suite.

Member Preferences and Features

Once you have set up all your administrator options, your members have a huge selection of preferences and features in the Suite to use for finding and posting in your community.

Managing Members

Find out about the tools available to deal with members, from signing up through to permissions.

Managing Your Community

In this guide, we cover the global options you can use to set up and configure your community after installation.

Promotion and SEO

Leverage options to enhance your search engine presence, social media sharing, and return visits from your members.

Moderating Members and Content

Multiple tools are available to you and your Moderators to ensure a friendly, welcoming community.

Social Sign In

Learn how to allow members to sign in with Facebook, Twitter and other services.
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