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Template System 1.0.2


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About This File

Пользовательские поля везде и всюду.

Система шаблонов позволяет вам настраивать все в сюжете - форумы, календари, категории галереи, блоги и т.д. - и создавать формы для заполнения пользователем при публикации нового контента.

  • Create custom fields
  • Group custom fields into Sets for individual containers (e.g. forums)
  • Customize the layout of the field values when viewing content
  • Allow multiple Sets per container to give users a choice of which form to populate
  • Mark individual fields as required - preventing users from creating content without populating the additional fields

By default, you can add

  • Custom fields when creating topics
  • Custom fields when creating calendar events
  • Custom fields when posting blog entries
  • Custom fields when uploading images to the gallery
  • Custom fields when submitting downloads files

Note that the system will detect other areas of the site (depending on the 3rd-party modifications you have installed) and will allow you to place custom fields in those areas. However, support for those areas is not guaranteed.
Fields can be created for individual areas or shared across multiple areas. (Example: I can create TextFieldA for topics, or I can have TextFieldA available for both topics and blogs.)
Different fields can be used for different items within each area. (Example: TextFieldA is visible for Forum1, but DropdownA is visible in Forum2.)
Fields can be grouped differently for different areas. (Example: Forum1 will have TextFieldA, but Blog1 will have TextFieldA and DropdownA.)

What's New in Version 1.0.2

September 7


  • Updated and tested for 4.2 Compatibility
  • Ability to place template content at the top of the item page, under the title. (Example: when viewing a topic, the content would be shown directly under the topic title, before any posts)
  • Ability to place template content anywhere on the page. (Note: this feature will require theme edits.)
  • HTML Editor fields were not displayed correctly. Fixed.
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