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плагин добавляет праздничный, зимний штрих к любому сайту IPS4 с поддержкой JavaScript на снег.

  • Snow that gently falls and gathers, with wind speed and direction determined by the mouse X position.
  1. Settings provided include:
  2. Number of snow particles on screen and active ("falling") at any time
  3. Configurable Animation tick rate
  4. Snow Color (with color picker)
  5. Snow by default is in the header, but can be configured to be in any HTML element ID, or within the document body.
  6. Snow "floor" can be set in pixels (the absolute pixel value at which the snow stops falling or sticks)
  7. Stickiness of snow (does it stick to the bottom of the window/element or not?)
  8. Twinkle effect - snow fades in and out as it goes down the screen
  9. Optional support for mobile devices (will be cruel to their CPU and battery!)
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