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Users can hide portions of their posts by using [ hide ]content[/ hide ] within their message.

Administrators have the following options:
Allow users to pay a global fee per post to be able to see their content.
Allow users to reply to the thread in order to unlock the content. This should be mostly used for boards where users want to hide content in the first post, allowing users to reply or pay to unlock the hidden contents of the thread.
Both options can be enabled at the same time.

Payments are processed using NewPoints so you need NewPoints installed.
Admins can use the class "hidecontent" to customize the message.

You can edit the templates and will have maybe something like as we do <3



  • 1.4

Fix bug in reply to post.

  • 1.3

Fixed bug in post previewing when editing a post.

  • 1.2

Searching would reveal the hidden content.

  • 1.1

Fixed bug which would show hidden content on portal.

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