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(k4) Hidden Content 2.3.0

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About This File

Plugin for hiding content from prying eyes.

Works in applications:

  1. Forums.
  3. Blogs.
  4. Clubs.
  5. Gallery.
  6. Pages.

Settings on the screenshot. Customize it at your discretion or leave it as it is.

  • Select the necessary groups for which you want to hide content. (default: hidden for everyone)
  • Select the forums where you want to hide content. (default: hidden for everyone)
  • Select options for displaying the remaining or existing actions. (by default: remaining actions are displayed)
  • Select the light/dark mode for the button window. (default: standard light (3-4 screenshots))
  • Customize the colors of the block and the text of the hidden content.

Set the button for CKEditor.

To use the plugin without a button:

  • Register all properties in the [hide][/hide]tag.
    • Example: [hide p=10 r=10 f=10 j=10 m=10 g=10]hidden text[/hide].
    • p=10 - the number of posts.
    • r=10 - the amount of reputation.
    • f=10 is the number of files.
    • j=10 - the number of days of registration.
    • m=10 - user ID (or multiselection m=10,11,12).
    • g=10 - group ID (or multiselection g=10,11,12).
  • The tag can be used without properties.
    • Example: [hide]hidden text[/hide]. In this case, viewing will be limited only to guests.

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