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integration TeamSpeak3 Integration 1.0.9 Beta

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About This File

This application is in beta stage, most of the bugs have been squashed out but there may be some still hiding somewhere!

This will fully integrate your TeamSpeak3 Server with your site, perfect for gaming sites!


  • Automatically sync groups
  • Members can have multiple UUIDs
  • Force members to enter their UUID
  • TS Viewer as widget
  • Show UUID form on register (optionally force members to enter it)
  • Edit TS Server information from within the ACP
  • Send global alert to the TS from within the ACP
  • Unlink UUIDs as an admin
  • (Mass)Poke/Kick/Ban Clients from within the ACP
  • Add/Edit/Delete/Copy Server Groups from within the ACP
  • Add/Edit/Delete/Copy Channel Groups from within the ACP
  • Ban syncing.
  • Create/Deploy Server Configuration Snapshots from within the ACP
  • View ban list/Unban members/IPs

Features to come someday.:

  • Multiple server support

Source Code:
The source code for this application is publicly available from now on here: https://github.com/A...eakIntegration/
However there will be no support provided for those who do not purchase this application.
By not purchasing, you also do not support the continued development of this application.


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