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Here at Mafia we need high quality posts.
If you're only here to unlock content and download stuff, you've come to the wrong place!

What we consider spam and/or poor quality:

  • Short messages like "cool", "thank you", "lol", etc.
  • General thank you post. We have a "Like" button for a reason.
  • Various kinds of dissatisfaction with someone's work, etc.
  • Non-descriptive topic titles such as "Please help".
  • Off-topic posts or anything that has nothing to do with the author's thread/post.

Topics that will get you banned:

  • What is your favorite X? (Example: What is your favorite food?)
  • X vs. X? (Example: Playstation or Xbox?)
  • Will X die? / Will X die?
  • Any topic about unlock requirements.
  • Any topic about unlock limits.
  • Any low quality message as described above.
  • Any post of dissatisfaction with anyone.

How can I unlock and download something without getting banned for leeches?
Get involved in the community and contribute something useful.
Post a tutorial or guide, share a great story you've had, or just share leaks.

What if I don't want to contribute?
Don't even think about staying here. You will just be banned. We have a zero tolerance policy for leeches.



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