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  1. can't wait to upgrade my forum
  2. Hello people How can i do this on my index page?
  3. can't edit my theme......... just loading for ever.....can't open other templates
    Why so much nice theme coming to XenForo only??? what about IPS ??? nothing ... i might switch to XenForo this year.... i need a blue theme such as this for my Educational Site.....pls any one help!! CMSMafians..are u there??
  4. Thanks alot it worked.... haven't known the use of converter until now....
  5. am using the current version 4.2.6 but i did a fresh installation and i want to restore the forum datas only
  6. hello pls help i did a fresh installation of my site... but my forums are not showing up... av copied forums_topics forums_forums forums_posts from the database What else will i copy?
  7. hmmmmm i luv this Infraskew IPS Theme just hope the news ticker works for me

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