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(aXen) Advanced Server List

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(aXen) Advanced Server List

Server table showing server information about the status, name, number of players, current map and their owners as applications on IPS Community Suite.

Other features:

Set your own fields for the server: Name, Own name, IP, Own IP, Statistics URL, TV URL, Vote URL, Forum URL,

Highlight for the server,

Special badge for the new server,

Hiding server owners in button,

The scroll that the user can control,

Color filling of players,


Lazy loading in img icons,

Table in 2 columns that the user can control,

Debug mode for server (A reason can be enter),

Separate page for server list

Refresh data servers button in AdminCP,

Custom connect URL to the server

🏷️ Requirements

PHP 7.4+ - For IPS 4.6

PHP 8.0+ - For IPS 4.7

Bzip2 - Used for A2S Compressed responses

Unlocked external ports on the website server (UDP)

💻 Compatible servers

America's Army 3

America's Army: Proving Grounds

ARK: Survival Evolved


Battlefield 2

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 1942

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Battlefield Hardline

Call of Duty

Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty: United Offensive

Call of Duty: World at War

Conan Exiles


Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Source

DayZ Standalone

DayZ Mod


Garry's Mod

GRAV Online

GTA: Five M

GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer

Grand Theft Auto Network

Half Life 2: Deathmatch



Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer

Just Cause 3

Killing Floor

Killing Floor 2

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead 2


Medal of honor: Allied Assault

Multi Theft Auto

Mumble Server

Natural Selection 2

Quake 2 Server

Quake 3 Server

Quake Live

Red Orchestra 2


7 Days to Die

The Ship



Teamspeak 3

Teeworlds Server


Team Fortress Classic

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 Classic



Unreal 2


Unreal Tournament 3

Unreal Tournament 2004



World Opponent Network

Open source application! Anyone can take part in the development of the application!


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